Cerveza Negra - pFriem Cerveza Negra takes a classical approach to brewing a Vienna Lager, combined with ingredients and technique used in Mexico. German inspired pilsner malt and Vienna malt for Patagonia make a bright and beautiful toasted base for this beer. While flaked maize softens and rounds out the body of the beer. German and Styrian grown hops provide lovely grassy, and herbal aromatics. 4.7% ABV.

Lemon Zest Farmhouse - We’ve added some zest to our traditional Farmhouse Saison— Lemon zest that is. Let the large citrus, and apricot flavors of pFriem’s Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale greet your taste buds before a finish that’s creamy, refreshing and tart. 6.2% ABV.